Teaching Martial Arts Since 1973

 Chung Oh’s School of Tae Kwon Do is a world-class School for Martial Arts Training. Founded in 1973, it is the First Registered and Longest Running School of Tae Kwon Do in Canada. It has many Branch Schools and Affiliate Schools in Canada and South Korea. It is well connected to the major TKD Federations of the world.

Grand Master
Inn Oh

Chung Won Oh
Canadian Tae Kwon Moo Do Federation - Founder
1942 - 2015
Grand Master Inn Oh, eldest son of Chung Won Oh, has spent his life immersed in the Korean Martial Arts world learning from Grand Master Chung Won Oh.
Grand Master Chung Oh trained with and received his Black Belt from General Hong Hi Choi the Military General in charge of combining the best of different Korean Martial Arts to create Tae Kwon Do.

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